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Moose Tracks: Bronson Moore Alumni Update

By mnmoose, 04/22/19, 3:30PM EDT


In this edition of “Moose Tracks”, we look back at the 2017-2018 Minnesota Moose and check in on goalie Bronson Moore.  Moore, who committed to Arizona State University last season, has a lot to tell us about his first college season.


 Bronson joined the Minnesota Moose for the 2nd half of the 2017-2018 season after leaving the Breezy Point North Stars in the North American 3 Hockey League (NA3HL).  Bronson proved to be a great addition to the Moose.  He played in 16 games for the North Stars and then went on to finish 11-0 in the 2017-2018 regular season, with a, 1.23 goals against average and a .952 save percentage with the Moose.  Bronson led the charge in to playoffs playing in 8 games, posting a, 2.58 goals against average and a .907 save percentage.  Eventually, the Moose lost in the semi finals to the Charlotte Rush, but Bronson was one of the backbones for the Moose till the end, to say the very least.


Bronson has since joined the college hockey ranks at Arizona State University, where he has settled in to the warm weather, trading in his hoodies and boots for tank tops and sandals.  We recently asked Bronson what life is like as a student athlete and this is what he had to say:


What do you miss most about playing Junior hockey?


“More than anything I miss all the time spent with the boys. At college guys all have a pretty busy schedule and you might only see someone away from the rink a couple times throughout the year. In junior, everyone is on the team to play hockey…that’s it. All the Moose boys have is each other. We truly became a family and even today (one year later), the group chat from the Moose still gets daily use.”


What was 1st day of class like? Scared, nervous, excited, etc....


“The first day for me was terrible. I wake up late for a 7:30am that I thought started at 7:45am. I head to school stressed out about being late and not knowing exactly where my class is. I finally find it, walk into a 200-person lecture hall, sit down, and relax. I quickly realize that I had walked into the wrong room. I didn’t want to stand up and walk past everyone again so I sat there for 10 more minutes. Eventually I decided that I was going to play it cool. I looked at the guy next to me and said “is she only going over the syllabus this week”? He replied yes, so I stood up, said “see you guys next week then” and walked out the door. Long story short I missed my first ever college class.”


How long did it take to adjust to being a student athlete? 


“The adjustment to being a student athlete was relatively easy. Its all about finding that balance between school and hockey. At the end of the day you just have to realize that, unlike junior, school is now the number one priority.”



What is your favorite part about ASU, besides playing hockey?


“It’s pretty hard to complain about ASU. Walking underneath the palm trees to get from class to class is a pretty cool deal.”


How did the season go?  How was playing, overall?


“We had a tough year as a team. We are currently in a rebuild. We didn’t have any seniors and only had 3 juniors on our roster. We were in and out of the top 25 all year long. Our schedule is tough and we get to play in some really nice venues, which makes it fun.”


Did anything catch you off guard about the transition to college hockey?


“I didn’t expect the ACHA to be as good as it is. Every team we play has multiple guys from tier 2 juniors as well as a number of top tier 3 guys. It made for really competitive hockey all year.”


What is the best part of playing at ASU?


“The best part of playing at ASU has to be our rivalry with U of A. Playing in front of 4000 fans that all hate your guts is quite the time and the building is always electric.”


What were your stats from last season?


GP 30

Personal record 8-21-1-0

Sv%  .907   GAA 3.25

Team Record 8-29-1-2


What do you miss most about being a Moose?


“I miss dominating the division and more importantly dominating the Blue Ox. ROLL MOOSE BABY!”


Bronson will again return to ASU next season where he will continue to study Biomedical Science and pursue his dream of attending medical school and becoming an orthopedic surgeon.  We wish Bronson the best of luck and know there are big things ahead for him! I f you wish to follow Bronson next season please visit  #ONCEAMOOSEALWAYSAMOOSE


The Minnesota Moose take pride in being one of the top premier programs in advancing players to the next level whether it be, NCAA, ACHA, NAIA or Tier 2 juniors. Players interested in playing for the Minnesota Moose should contact Head Coach Jon Jonasson at, or 952-457-0525.